The Salvation Symphony

July 9, 2018

For Isaiah, words are watercolors and melodies and chisels to make truth and beauty and goodness. Or, as the case may be, hammers and swords and scalpels to unmake sin and guilt and rebellion. Isaiah does not merely convey information. He creates visions, delivers revelations, arouses belief. He is a poet in the most fundamental […]

Plunged Into a World of Presence

June 5, 2018

Prophets use words to remake the world. The world—heaven and earth, men and women, animals and birds—was made in the first place by God’s Words. Prophets, arriving on the scene and finding that world in ruins, finding a world of moral rubble and spiritual disorder, take up the work of words again to rebuild what […]

Aiming for Peace

February 28, 2018

Once Again The U.S. is once again grieving, angry, defensive, and divided over gun violence that left 14 students and 3 staff dead at a school north of Miami, Florida, on Wednesday, February 14. The 19-year-old former student entered Stoneman Douglas High School Wednesday afternoon, pulled a fire alarm, and when students began evacuating, started […]

“Get Me This Girl”

December 4, 2017

The Stories Pile Up Allegations of sexual harassment continue to pile up against media executives, politicians, Hollywood celebrities, and athletes across the United States and some in Britain. Since the first accusations came out against movie producer Harvey Weinstein, more than 50 men have been accused by both women and men of unwanted sexual advance […]

My Insides Churn in Protest

November 11, 2016

An Unforeseen Election This week, the United States elected a new president. Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president-elect. Nearly every poll predicted Clinton would win, so many news outlets and citizens were caught off-guard by Trump’s come-from-behind victory. Everywhere, people are trying to figure out what they overlooked. The Divided States […]