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May Reading from The Message

May 1, 2024

Jacob was cunning and opportunistic. He deceived his father and stole his brother Esau’s birthright. Here, years later, he is about to encounter his older brother and is understandably terrified. In the midst of strategizing on how to survive this meeting, he wrestles with the Lord in one of the most meaningful interactions between God […]

April Reading from The Message

April 1, 2024

Do you view God as a giver of rules or a living, personal presence? Jesus shows us who God is. In his second letter to the Corinthians, Paul reminds us that God is accessible through Christ. The veil has been lifted! When we’re with Christ, we’re in touch with the father and positive change in […]

March Reading from The Message

March 2, 2024

We start from resurrection. If we are followers of Christ, we believe He did the unthinkable- he rose from the dead. If true, everything about how we live changes. When Jesus defeated death, suddenly the detailed prophecies and big, God-sized story of the Bible were infused with life! We simply cannot ignore the reality and […]

February Reading from The Message

February 1, 2024

The brief but intense prophecy of Obadiah is an indictment of Edom’s pride and injustice towards God’s people. But the last message of this short book takes a giant step out of the centuries of hate and rivalry. We are given a higher standard for how to live in a world of oppressors and victims. […]

January Reading from The Message

January 2, 2024

The entire calendar is under the sweep of God’s caring eyes. Past and future are held together by his love and his promises. Like the Hebrews moving into new land, God knows the journey you have been on. As the new year begins, do not forget his commandments and the promises he has in store […]

December Reading from The Message

December 1, 2023

Matthew 1 starts with a long (dare I say boring?) list of names. 21st century readers want to skim that part to begin learning about Jesus. But the intentional detailing of Jesus’ family tree is significant. It outlines the prophetic timing of his arrival and the inclusivity of God’s family. Have you seen some of […]

November Reading from The Message

November 1, 2023

Before Paul became an apostle, embarked on his missionary journeys, and wrote his letters to the early church, his name was Saul, and he was a disciple hunter. It was with arrest warrants in hand that Saul was blinded on his way to Damascus. This serves as a profound testament to God’s power and His […]

October Reading from The Message

October 2, 2023

In the middle of the gospel of Mark, Jesus asks a question that every human must ultimately answer. “Who do you think I really am?” Do our lives reflect our answer to that question? Jesus challenges the disciples, and every Bible reader to the end of time, with the implications of this crucial question. Jesus […]

September Reading from The Message

September 2, 2023

Have you ever felt unqualified? Living with imposter syndrome? If you ever wanted a “fake-it-till-you-make-it” hero of the Bible to relate to, look no further than Moses. Here in Exodus 4, we see Moses trying to back out of God’s commissioning to save his people. Thankfully for Moses and for us, God doesn’t need our […]

August Reading from The Message

August 1, 2023

Living in an orderly utopia sounds lovely (for a time), but we can only ever live in an actual place, inevitably full of messiness. Thankfully, that is where God designed us to be. But are we meant to live in a garden or the wilderness? 1 Heaven and Earth were finished, down to the last detail. […]